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PhenQ is the standard setting diet pill across the world. It is ranked in the best position as a fat burner, fat blocker, and appetite suppressant. THERE IS NO PROMO CODE DUE TO THE SPECIAL "BUY 3, GET 2 FREE" OFFER

Making promises is common when it comes to diet supplements, so when the manufacturers (Bauer Nutrition) claim that their PhenQ capsules can provide a level of benefit that typically requires taking several separate supplements, it would seem easy to outsmart. these promises.

However, Bauer Nutrition is one of the most respected supplement manufacturing companies in Europe, and they back all of their products with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

PhenQ is their flagship product – it's easy to see why. A pharmaceutical grade weight loss pill that is highly effective with no side effects and available for purchase online.

PhenQ Benefits Advertised

According to Bauer Nutrition, PhenQ has the ability to burn existing body fat by increasing the body's metabolic and thermogenic rates.

Taking a closer look, they state that their capsules are also able to prevent the body from building new fat stores, and additionally support the weight loss process by providing muscle suppression. appetite, thereby increasing energy levels, and improving mood. There is also an antioxidant ingredient which allows you to rid your body of free radicals.

PhenQ Theoretical Benefits

While the formula can increase metabolic and thermogenic rates, the increase that occurs within metabolism should allow the body to burn calories faster than normal, and thus begin to burn fat as an additional source of fat. 'energy.

By providing appetite suppression, the formula should allow the user to eat less food and thus get fewer calories.

In the event that calorie intake is not low enough to discourage weight gain, the blend's ability to prevent new fat cells from forming should (in theory) act as a back-up mechanism.

The increased energy levels should reduce fatigue often associated with dieting, and the blend's mood-enhancing abilities may help the user to avoid feeling depressed after quitting. his favorite dishes.

The PhenQ Formula

All the benefits of PhenQ are provided courtesy of seven ingredients.

a-LACYS RESET Capsimax Powder Chromium Picolinate L Carnitine Fumarate Calcium Carbonate Nopal Caffeine

Main Ingredients

a-LACYS RESET is a patented blend that contains alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. It is distributed by Nutraceuticals International Group and is a relatively new ingredient, but clinical studies have proven to be very exciting.

44% weight loss 8% increase in muscle mass

These results are of particular interest, since an increase in muscle mass should result in an increase in weight (muscle tissue is heavier than adipose tissue), so the amount of fat loss should be considerably greater than suggested by l example of weight loss (3.44%).

Capsimax Powder is a proprietary blend manufactured by OmniActive Health Technologies.

It contains three ingredients:

Capsicum Vitamin B3 Black Pepper Extract

Capsicum is a natural thermogenic that can increase the body's ability to burn calories up to 12 times more. Its reputation as a fat burner has made it a highly regarded weight loss ingredient, and some studies show capsicum to be a natural appetite suppressant as well. The presence of vitamin B3 should provide a further increase in metabolism, and black pepper extract is a useful inclusion, as it allows for the proper absorption of the other ingredients.

Secondary Ingredients

Caffeine has long been a powerful energy supplier. L Carnitine Fumarate is an amino acid that is often included in nootropic supplements designed to improve mood. Chromium Picolinate helps balance blood sugar levels, and also shows some potential as a fat burner. Calcium Carbonate and Nopal are often included in diet mixes because their presence seems to prevent the body from converting excess calories into new stores of fat.

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