PhenQ Reviews: REAL Customer Testimonials And Our Opinion In 2021

To lose weight effectively, it is important to combine a good diet with regular exercise. This way of life must be constant, otherwise you will see your lost pounds again. Changing your eating habits is far from easy and that is why some people take nutritional supplements. PhenQ is a natural fat burner to add to your diet. We wanted to know more about this product. How does it work? What are its benefits? Is it really effective and safe? We answer all of his questions through this PhenQ review.

What is PhenQ?
The composition of Phen Q
PhenQ review: how does it work and what benefits? Burn fat
Stopping fat production
Suppresses appetite
Energy boost
Improves mood
Promo code
Money back guarantee
Delivery and price
PhenQ from the official website: the best option
Is it possible to buy PhenQ in pharmacies?
PhenQ on Amazon?

PhenQ is a natural food supplement that acts as a fat burner and appetite suppressant to support your weight loss through a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. The main advantage of PhenQ is the multitude of actions it delivers. Thus, the product offers the benefits of several tablets in a single pill.

PhenQ offers you promotional offers such as 1 bottle bought = 1 free. These offers are only available on the PhenQ brand website and for a limited time!

The composition of Phen Q

PhenQ is composed only of natural elements scientifically known for their slimming properties.

Alpha-lipoic acid: an antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals and fight against cell aging (source). Cysteine: an amino acid essential for the synthesis of fatty acids (source) Magnesium: a metabolite essential for the proper functioning of the body. Indeed, magnesium plays an important role on the central nervous system and allows, among other things, to avoid mood disorders, to promote sleep and to reduce stress (source).

Boost fat burning by releasing the hormone norepinephrine into the blood (source). Increase the resting metabolic rate and thus burn more calories (source). Improve physical performance by giving an energy boost (source). Prepare the body for intense effort by breaking down fat cells and releasing fatty acids (source).

Control of blood sugar level through regulation of insulin (source, source). Reduction of appetite (source).

a natural appetite suppressant: rich in fiber, this dish reduces your appetite and accelerates the effect of satiety (source). Detoxifying effect: rich in antioxidants, nopal facilitates digestion and eliminates toxins from the body by fighting against water retention (source).

PhenQ review: how does it work and what are the benefits?

So, as you have seen, PhenQ is made up of natural elements that have many beneficial actions on the body. Among these roles, PhenQ can help you lose fat in several ways:

Burn fat

The thermogenic effect that characterizes PhenQ allows, among other things, to accelerate the combustion of fats thus allowing to facilitate the loss of weight. This is done on several levels:

– L-carnitine will accelerate the transformation of fatty acids into energy. – The nopal will help detoxify the body by eliminating toxins more quickly and avoiding water retention. – Capsimax will boost metabolism and improve thermogenesis. – Caffeine will accelerate the burning of fat present. – The A-Lacys Reset will play an antioxidant role and improve the functioning of the body.

Stopping fat production

Among other things, PhenQ helps reduce fat production to avoid storing fat cells again. For this, L-carnitine will directly use the fatty acids you ingest.

Suppresses appetite

Among the actions of PhenQ on weight loss, it helps suppress appetite and accelerate the feeling of fullness. Indeed for that:

– The nopal which is rich in fibers will allow you to reduce the feeling of hunger. – Chromium picolinate will also play on the appetite and increase satiety.

Energy boost

PhenQ has many components that help improve your fitness by giving you more energy. For this, the mixture goes among others:

Prepare your body for physical exercise by converting fat into fatty acids with caffeine. Accelerate the transformation of fatty acids into energy thanks to L-carnitine. Increase the body's thermogenesis with caffeine and capsimax which will result in giving you more energy.

Improves mood

Your moral well being is essential when you want to lose weight. Indeed, stress, lack of sleep and your emotions strongly influence your health and the stock of fats (source, source, source). Thus, the composition of PhenQ has been made in such a way that your mood will be improved as well as your stress reduced. This is due in large part to caffeine and its benefits on the central nervous system (source). Indeed, it will block the receptors of the adenosine hormone responsible for mood disorders (source).

PhenQ dosage and duration of treatment

For the treatment to work properly, it is recommended to ingest two PhenQ tablets per day. It will take you on average 2 months to see effects on your figure and put an end to your bad eating habits. Knowing that a box contains 60 pills, you will need 2 packets of the slimming supplement to achieve your nutritional treatment. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to continue the treatment for a longer period without any proven side effects.

Contraindications and side effects

To date, no side effects have been seen with PhenQ. Nevertheless, it is strictly not recommended for pregnant women and minors to start this cure. Additionally, if you are currently taking other medications or have a chronic illness, we strongly advise you to seek advice from your doctor before you start using PhenQ. Note also that the results vary from person to person and also depends on your lifestyle and diet.

PhenQ, at what price?

The prices of PhenQ are quite variable and depend among other things on the site from which you buy it. Indeed, on the official site, there are often promotions thus making the price much more affordable. Here's a rundown of PhenQ pricing.


PhenQ is available at 3 different prices on the official website:

65.95 euros for a bottle of 60 tablets. 129.95 euros for 2 bottles + 1 free, i.e. 43.32 euros for the flask. 174.95 euros for 3 bottles + 2 free + a vial of Advana, i.e. 34.99 euros per bottle.

Promo code

Strictly speaking, there is no promo code, however, the official site very often offers offers such as 2 bottles bought, 1 free or 5 bottles for the price of 3!

Money back guarantee

PhenQ also offers a 100% money back guarantee. Indeed, the designers are so sure of their product and the number of positive customer reviews on PhenQ also prove it that they have decided to offer you this guarantee valid for 60 days or the duration of a treatment. However, this offer is only valid on the official website.

Delivery and price

More good news, the delivery of PhenQ is worldwide and is completely free. Of course, this facility is only available on the official website.

If you want to try PhenQ, you should know that the product is available in a number of ways.

PhenQ from the official website: the best option

We recommend that you order PhenQ directly from the official website. This option is the best because you will benefit from:

Promotions and preferential rates Satisfied or refunded guarantee 100% free delivery worldwide.

Is it possible to buy PhenQ in pharmacies?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get PhenQ in pharmacies or supermarkets. You will then have to order on the official website.

PhenQ on Amazon?

It is quite possible to order PhenQ from Amazon. However, for this form you will have to pay a high price and will not be able to take advantage of promotional offers, free delivery or even the satisfied or refunded offer. Also watch out for counterfeits which are numerous on the Internet. The safety and effectiveness of the product is only guaranteed if you order from the official website.

Contact and customer service

The PhenQ merchant site offers many ways to contact customer support, which is a guarantee of seriousness and quality. In fact, you can communicate with them, among other things, via:

The contact form on their official website under the "contact us" section. Whatsapp: for this, you just need to enter the following telephone number +49 1525 8456922. Telephone number: +33 170755840. The after-sales service opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. When you get in touch with them, you will need to give them the following number: "129437" so that they can best assist you. Mail: their email address is Postal mail: their address is:

WOLFSON BERG LIMITED 141 Avenue Félix Faure 75015 Paris France

Customer reviews of PhenQ

With our explanations, we hope that you have been able to give yourself an opinion on PhenQ. However, knowing the opinions of customers is extremely important in order to form a more objective opinion. Here are the opinions of PhenQ customers posted on the website of the brand as well as the before / after photos so that you can get an idea of ​​the result obtained.

The testimony of Thaiylah, 21, tells us that the effects of PhenQ paired with a healthy diet allowed her to lose almost 20 kg.

The feedback from Ghislain, 31, is also positive. PhenQ helped him with his weight loss where other diets had failed.

Nicola, 36, is also positive about the PhenQ which allowed her to lose two sizes of clothing.

Finally, the before and after photos of Axelle, 22, also show the effects of PhenQ on her fat loss in the belly and love handles.

The customer testimonials collected are very positive about the effects of PhenQ in supporting weight loss.

Reviews of PhenQ on forums such as Doctissimo

It is important to also read the opinions of the forums. Here is a selection of PhenQ reviews that we found on Doctissimo.

This first review from a user reports that PhenQ allowed her to lose 5 kg by combining it with a low calorie diet.

This second opinion specifies that the weight loss is not immediate but after a little over a month of treatment the effects were remarkable with 11 kg of loss.

Finally this last opinion specifies that other appetite suppressants can create bloating whereas PhenQ has no side effects while ensuring a weight loss of 3 kg in 3 weeks.

What we can deduce from these reviews on PhenQ

Generally, reviews of PhenQ are very positive and a lot of testimonials extol the loss of extra pounds as well as the appetite suppressant effect of the pill that is felt. Among these testimonials, a few customers had headaches and some complained about the bad taste of the seal. In addition, we found a few disappointing testimonials that the product did not work.

We remind you that this product is not magic! Thus, it is essential to combine the treatment with a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular physical exercises, otherwise the results may not meet your expectations.

To conclude, our review of PhenQ is extremely positive. Indeed, this slimming aid offers you appetite suppressant effects as well as fat burner to help you lose weight. The composition of the product is completely natural and the elements have been carefully selected to play on several levels on your body.

To date, no side effects have been reported by the brand. However we can note that some consumers speak of headaches after 1 month of use. However, this type of symptom appears to be occasional and is not generalized. However, the product is strictly not recommended for pregnant women and minors and we advise you to consult your doctor if you are taking medical treatment in parallel.

The offers offered by PhenQ are also very interesting and although it is possible to order the product on Amazon, it is best to go directly to the official website in order to have access to the offers.

Finally, the vast majority of consumer reviews for PhenQ are extremely positive and this confirms our opinion.

To conclude, our opinion on PhenQ is very positive. We therefore advise you to try the product yourself in order to form your own opinion on the matter. Indeed, do not forget that you can have a satisfied or 100% money back guarantee if you order on the official website.

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