PhenQ Review: My Verdict And Results After 3 Months Of Slimming Cure

For those who are looking for a complete dietary supplement that will allow them to lose weight effectively and without much effort, then knowing what PhenQ is worth is important. We often talk about this product when we talk about the most popular slimming cures, especially to treat obesity problems.

This dietary supplement was only released in 2015 and it has conquered the market, thanks to results that give hope to those who have already tried everything to lose weight. As we will see in this PhenQ review, this ultra complete product tackles overweight issues on all fronts.

Let's see where it comes from, how it is used and especially what results it allows to obtain during a 3-month cure.

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Origin of PhenQ and composition of the product

PhenQ is a dietary supplement manufactured by Bauer Nutrition laboratories in England and the USA. It is a product which respects the standards in force concerning the slimming products of the market and one can trust Bauer concerning the quality of its products since it is about a reputable laboratory which markets many other brands and food supplements. which made it famous. And of course PhenQ is no exception to the rule.

It was launched on the market in 2015, when it was touted as THE product that would revolutionize weight loss, especially for people suffering from obesity. This is why it is often associated with the terms "best anti-obesity treatment".

It bears the name of Phen, like Phen 375, but its more varied composition allows it to act on all the points that will be decisive during a diet. It acts as an ultra powerful fat burner, it stops the production and accumulation of fat in your body, which allows you not to gain weight, it boosts your body so that you are never short of energy and it serves as a appetite suppressant.

To offer these different actions, PhenQ relies on its composition:

– Capsimax powder, a mixture of pepper, caffeine piperine and vitamin B3, is used to speed up your body's fat burning and prevent new fat from forming.
– Chromium picolinate will be useful for lowering your blood sugar and helping you reduce your cravings for sugars. It will distribute the glucose to your cells so that they are full as quickly as possible and saturated. You won't want to consume sugar since your body will have had its fill.
– Calcium carbonate acts as a fat burner. It prompts cells to quickly use up fat that would normally be stored unnecessarily.
– Caffeine is used as a stimulant. It will give you a little boost, as soon as it is needed. In addition, like coffee, caffeine will help reduce the feeling of hunger.
– Nopal seed is also intended to reduce your appetite and help you control it. It smooths the blood circulation and helps the water that collects in your body to be eliminated.
– L-Carnitine is an important amino acid in the weight loss process. Its purpose is to help your body transform stored fat into consumable energy. A double action therefore, since you will burn fat and refuel your body!
We have here an ultra complete slimming product, which promises beautiful things. Let's see, in the rest of this review on PhenQ, how it stands out from other products.

The most effective fat burner on the market

How does PhenQ work?

PhenQ has the major advantage of combining several benefits of its different ingredients to offer a complete slimming solution.

Indeed, we all know that during a slimming program, we can have several enemies. Hunger, first of all, which tickles us at all hours of the day and night, and which is a real plague in our diet. It takes an iron will to resist his call.

Fatigue then, is difficult to bear when you undergo drastic weight loss. We can feel exhausted, cranky and it is as difficult for us as it is for our loved ones.

Finally, with most slimming supplements, it is the practice of an additional activity that will trigger and / or support weight loss. Alone, most slimming products have very little effect.

But PhenQ is designed to relieve all of these ailments and minimize them as much as possible. Hunger is not felt, thanks to a powerful appetite suppressant action, the effects of fatigue either, since PhenQ provides elements that come to boost the body at the right time, and even the mood is impacted! This last point is rare enough to point out, but the effects of the products on the mind are pleasant and allow you to lose weight without the bad mood that goes with it!

Other effects for a more complete action

In addition to cutting hunger and boosting the metabolism, PhenQ has other actions allowing you to follow your slimming treatment without constraint. First of all, it increases the body temperature (= thermogenesis), an action that increases the burning of calories. Thanks to nopal, the risk of water retention is also limited. For its part, chromium acts on the blood sugar level: the latter can be regulated, which limits the appearance of type II diabetes and therefore the storage of fat. Note that chromium also acts on cholesterol levels.

Thanks to all its effects, PhenQ therefore provides its users with a complete slimming solution that greatly facilitates weight loss!

How is PhenQ different from other dietary supplements?

Most dietary supplements intended for serious weight loss are not as complete as PhenQ. Very little, for example, affects your morale and mental state. But where PhenQ stands out is thanks to its patented α-Lacys Reset formula.

This unique formula drastically increases your metabolism without the effort of you. Whoever says increased metabolism means increased heat in your body, and therefore consumption of extra fat and calories.

In other words, the α-Lacys Reset formula allows you to burn excess fat easily and therefore lose weight very quickly.

And as you will see in the rest of this PhenQ review, the results are amazing.

Scientific studies speak of PhenQ

With its natural ingredients and approved by the Food and Drug Association (which regulates the sale of slimming products in the United States), we learn that PhenQ is one of the most powerful slimming products on the market.

Studies on this product show that between patients who used PhenQ and those who used a placebo over the same period, there are strong disparities. Those who took PhenQ lost 3.44% of their initial weight. Their fat percentage decreased by 7.24% and they increased their muscle mass by 3.80%!

Logical results, which are confirmed when you follow a cure. We quickly realize that we melt, and that it is possible to quickly have muscles instead of fat. But for convincing results, it is important to follow the indicated dosage.

What form is PhenQ in?

PhenQ comes in the form of diet pills, and is sold in boxes of 60 capsules. One box corresponds to one month of treatment because the normal dosage is 2 capsules per day, one in the morning and one at noon. If you take PhenQ after 3 p.m., you may have trouble sleeping due to the caffeine in particular.

Experts estimate that it takes an average of 3 months to undergo a complete treatment, which will transform your body. This is the duration for which I opted! The one-month treatment allows you to lose a few pounds but does not give your body time to fully adjust to this new diet.

PhenQ review: how much will I lose?

The three-month treatment offers satisfactory visual results, but you should know that there are no restrictions on the use of PhenQ. This means that depending on your goal (5, 15, 25 kilos!), You can continue the treatment as long as you want!

It is believed that losing a kilogram per week is a reasonable healthy goal, which PhenQ can easily achieve.

Side effects and contraindications of PhenQ

PhenQ is a product that uses only natural ingredients and therefore its effects are safe for most users. The product can be consumed by vegetarians without worry, since it uses only vegetarian and vegan ingredients in its composition.

On the other hand, if you suffer from an illness or are undergoing medical treatment, its use should be subject to the advice of a doctor, as a simple precaution.

Regarding pregnant or breastfeeding women and people under the age of 18, we do not recommend taking a PhenQ treatment.

Tips for Buying PhenQ

In order to ensure maximum control over its distribution, the sale of PhenQ is strictly regulated and it is only possible to buy PhenQ through the brand's official website.

This is important to mention, because there are many counterfeit products circulating on the internet, many of which use the name Phen. These products, uncontrolled, can be at best without effects, at worst dangerous for your health.

We therefore recommend that you do not be fooled by resellers offering this food supplement at discounted prices.

PhenQ review: the official product and nothing else!

This dietary supplement, the real PhenQ, is the most popular anti-obesity treatment at the moment with nearly 200,000 positive customer reviews. It allows a significant weight loss without effort, thanks to its unique patented formula and its 100% natural composition.

Here you have the certainty of receiving the official product, developed in approved Bauer laboratories.

The brand assures you the lowest price on the market and offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The recommended dosage for this product is 2 capsules per day, one at breakfast, the other during lunch.

PhenQ: reviews, testimonials and user results

The best people to talk about a product are of course those who have tested it. If I will give you my opinion on PhenQ in the next paragraph, here are the testimonials of some users of this dietary supplement.

“In a situation of almost desperate overweight, I felt like I had tried everything: diet, sport, food supplement… When I heard about PhenQ, I was skeptical, of course. Then, convinced by a friend who had lost weight with this product, I did a 5 month cure. Result: 17 kilos less on the scale! I live again! "

Corinne, 51 years old

“I didn't have the time or the inclination to bother shedding extra pounds, but for health reasons I decided to buy PhenQ and give it a try. And it is true that without effort, I saw my figure become more slender again, the fat of my hips melted in 2 months and I feel better. "

Eric, 39 years old

There are many testimonials about PhenQ on the internet and everyone agrees that the product is extremely effective. It remains to be seen what we thought of it. My review of PhenQ is now.

My opinion on PhenQ after 3 months of treatment

This is not my first diet, and I have tried many weight loss methods, with varying degrees of success. But I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I started my 3 month PhenQ course, after the many positive things I had heard about this dietary supplement.

Since I wanted to lose a good ten kilos, I chose to buy 3 months of PhenQ (with the promotion 2 boxes bought + one free, the price is interesting). Upon receipt, I started taking my pills twice a day.

At first, it was difficult to know if it worked, because I paid a minimum of attention to what I ate. But quickly, I had the feeling that I was slimmer, especially in the hips and stomach. After 3 weeks – I think my body had to get used to this new treatment – I noticed a visual change. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw that I had lost weight and this was confirmed on the scale, with – 2.5 kg!

So I continued my cure, hoping that it would continue like this, because at no time did I feel tired or unwell, which is rare during a diet!

By the second month, the rate of weight loss stabilized at around 1 kilo per week, not changing until the end of my 3 month program. At my last weigh-in, I was relieved that I could see that I had lost exactly 11.4 kilos! Better than expected, and without difficulty!

A success, which makes my opinion on PhenQ very positive. If you have the weight to lose urgently, this is the product for you.

Where to buy PhenQ at the best price?

It is possible to buy PhenQ only through the official product website, which has chosen to control its distribution.

You can benefit from preferential rates on this site, with the 2 bottles + 1 free pack (at 129.95 € instead of 227.95 euros) or the 3 bottles + 2 free bottles pack + a free product (at the price of 174.95 euros instead of 379.75 euros). You will also receive a nutrition and training guide to support you in your weight loss program!

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