PhenQ Review: Buying Guides, Testimonials & Results (2021)

Phenq: A Diet Pill That Really Works? Complete guide

For decades, the diets put forward to promote weight loss were all based on the same principle: a diet capable of limiting the intake of fats and sugars, but also based on a certain idea of ​​deprivation. Indeed, there was the idea that to lose weight, one had to suffer, at least morally. Suddenly, during the diet, the body is in perpetual demand for food, and the person ends up cracking…

Faced with this observation, laboratories have developed, for several years, slimming capsules, which, in addition to having a fat burner action, cut cravings. In fact, the diet is effective, without causing feelings of hunger. Thus, these pills will naturally lower the cravings for food in the brain and stomach. Without necessarily modifying your diet or reducing your diet, weight loss will be possible. The logic is really different, explaining that these food supplements are in the process of establishing themselves in people seeking to lose weight.

If there are several types of capsules, PhenQ is undoubtedly the one that, according to the feedback of its thousands of users around the world, causes the most satisfactory results, with the addition of a total absence of side effects or feeling of constraint. In a nutshell, PhenQ can be defined as a slimming product, with triple action as a fat burner, appetite suppressant and energy booster. Developed by the Bauer Nutrition laboratory, this product is completely natural, as it contains different components from plants, minerals and vitamins. Thus, without a prescription and without any constraint, PhenQ will bring satisfaction to its users, with the first visible results after only one week.

The triple action PhenQ

A successful diet is a diet that has three actions on the body:

the fat burner action: in principle, the person who wants to lose weight wants to eliminate the fatty bodies which are stored in specific places of the body, stomach and thighs in priority. But in reality, classic diets, which are based on reducing the amount of food absorbed at each meal, will not initially attack these fats, but rather the sugars also stored by the body. So, in most situations, the person loses a few pounds quickly and then stagnates. And the difficulties of the new diet, particularly the feeling of hunger and fatigue, occur even before the body has started to tackle bad fats.

In fact, the weight loss turned out to be minimal and did not make the love handles disappear or make the stomach flat. While PhenQ works against sugars, these components target fats more. This allows a much faster weight loss, but also more complete and focused on key areas. In addition, the capsules will also tackle water retention. This is because many people, despite eating a healthy diet, fail to lose weight. Often times, it is because of the water retention which swells the tissues.

appetite suppressant action: even with the best will in the world, it is difficult to fight the bodily signs of hunger. Indeed, this sensation comes from multiple parts of the body: the mouth, the tongue, the digestive tract, the stomach, but also the muscles, at all times transmit multiple information to the brain. And as soon as one of these areas feels a need, it alerts the brain. This reminds us both consciously and unconsciously of the need for food. Thus, if the diet followed does not include an appetite suppressant action, it will be almost impossible to restrict yourself. This is why PhenQ contains elements which have the role of transmitting to the brain a feeling of fullness. The different parts of the body that are useful in food will no longer send alerts to the brain. The person will therefore have the impression of being satiated by having eaten less and should not suffer the impression of depriving himself. energy boosting action: a diet is tiring for the body. However, it is necessary to stay in good shape and to get good results over time. PhenQ therefore incorporates vitamins and minerals to maintain this form, thus facilitating weight loss while maintaining normal daily activity.

The ingredients of PhenQ capsules

PhenQ capsules contain a concentrate of six ingredients recognized, through clinical trials, for their ability to meet the expectations of consumers in search of weight loss.

Among the components that will mainly act as fat burners, we find Capsimax, L-Carnitine and Calcium Carbonate. Capsimax [1] actually contains a pepper, native to South America, from which an active ingredient, Capsaicin [2], which has revolutionized the approach to weight loss is derived. Indeed, the latter has the effect of causing thermogenesis, that is to say the increase in the heat of the body, causing the fact of burning calories, without necessarily doing sports. Other elements are contained in Capsimax, in particular Niacin and Piperine. Niacin [3] promotes good blood circulation, and therefore a lowering of cholesterol, while Piperine [4] promotes the assimilation of nutrients, preventing them from disappearing at the same time as fats. Thus, according to various studies carried out on Capsimax, a dose of this product makes you lose nearly 300 calories, or as much as a 25-minute jog.

L-Carnitine [5] is also very effective as a fat burner. Present in particular in red meat or green vegetables, which partly explains the diets existing around these products, it transforms stored fat into energy evacuated during the day. Very effective, it also has a very useful anti-fatigue effect during a period of slimming.

Finally, Calcium Carbonate [6], in addition to its benefits for the bones, encourages cells to limit fat storage. A 2004 Anglo-Saxon study highlighted this very valuable action for obese people.

At the level of the creative action of satiety, two components will also act, with a remarkable effectiveness: it is about the Nopal and the Picolinate of Chromium. Nopal [7] is a cactus, commonly called prickly pear. This plant is very rich in fiber. Ingested, the fibers will swell in the stomach, on contact with gastric juices and water, thus quickly giving an impression of satiety. Satisfied, the stomach will tell the brain that it no longer needs food. Another advantage of Nopal is that it intervenes to reduce water retention.

Chromium Picolinate [8] is for its part a mineral that is usually found in the daily diet, especially in cereals or meat, but on a smaller scale. Scientific studies have proven that chromium decreases appetite, and in particular cravings for sugars. For this, its action consists in bringing more sugars into the cells of the body, responsible for producing energy. In fact, loaded with sugar, they do not indicate to the brain that it is lacking in carbohydrates.

Finally, one last food, and not the least, is contained in PhenQ capsules: caffeine [9]. This has a multiple action. On the one hand, it enhances the effectiveness of other fat burner components, and in particular Capsimax. But it is well known, caffeine plays on the form and as an energy booster. The plant helps to keep dynamism during the diet.

PhenQ is sold in bottles of 60 capsules, which can provide a 30-day treatment. Indeed, and this is one of the other advantages of PhenQ, the dosage turns out to be extremely simple. It is sufficient to consume two capsules daily, during or without meals, with a large glass of water. No need to consume more pills, the effectiveness will not be enhanced. PhenQ comprising caffeine, it is rather advisable to swallow its daily treatment in the morning or at noon, to avoid difficulty falling asleep after taking too late.

Note that the food supplement may be totally suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Completely natural, it does not include products of animal origin.

According to the publications of the manufacturer laboratory, phenq allows you to lose about one kilo per week. In fact, the use of the product can continue for as many weeks as desired, until reaching the desired weight. When this moment arrives, it is advisable to continue taking the capsules for at least two or three weeks, to consolidate the effects.

PhenQ is completely natural. No side effects have been demonstrated in clinical trials. Thus, only a precautionary principle should remain in three very specific situations: in fact, pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid taking any food supplement. In addition, it is also not recommended for minors, who in case of weight problems should be followed by doctors to monitor their growth.

Aside from these few precautions, PhenQ is safe. Moreover, it should be noted that it does not interfere in any way with other drugs or with oral contraceptives, such as pills.

Do not take PhenQ if:

– You are under 18. – You are pregnant or breastfeeding. – You have cancer or diabetes – You have a condition that affects your kidneys or liver. – You are taking antidepressants. – You have an endocrine disorder.

If you are taking other medications, you should always consult your doctor before taking PhenQ.

Phenq: Before and after

Buy PhenQ: how to do it?

In order to offer better value for money, PhenQ is not available for sale in pharmacies but only on the official website of the manufacturer. Shipping is offered worldwide and the manufacturer even offers all kinds of cheap promotions when buying multiple boxes, with the potential for substantial savings. Finally, a 60-day guarantee was introduced, with the reimbursement of used and unused vials.

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