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Cysteine: It is an animated acid which intervenes in the synthesis of fatty acids by combustion. It also has a role in repairing and forming DNA, skin, nails, etc. by fighting against aging.

It has an effect on hormonal secretion and improves the mood of postmenopausal women.

Cysteine ​​is believed to have a weight loss effect by reducing your calorie intake, but more studies are needed to clearly confirm this. [9] So Phentermine Q is a great fat burner for women.

Magnesium (Mg)

– Magnesium: minimizes your health problems and strengthens your physical endurance. Magnesium also appears to support calcium in weight loss.

However, the mechanisms of calcium are not yet fully understood, in particular that in the degradation of lipids which is a chain reaction.

According to scientific studies carried out on this patented complex, α-LACYS RESET would allow you to lose 7.24% of body fat, which is HUGE!

The subjects would have lost 3.44% of their weight and have increased their muscle mass by 3.80%. (see photo below)

Having done fitness competitions and having to gain muscle and lose fat on a regular basis, I can tell you that what they post on their sites is rather dishonest! Let me explain :

Comparison of fat loss between Phen Q and other supplements or placebo

So, I am not saying that the makers of Phen Q are lying in their words. I am just giving an objective opinion by telling you that with a simple fat-burning product, you will NEVER be able to lose 7.24% body fat and gain 3.44% muscle: NEVER!

Moreover, I did a little research on the α-LACYS RESET in order to have more details on this famous weight loss study. And guess what? I have not found anything…

The mentioned results are possible, but only with a well calibrated diet, an adapted physical training and over several weeks.

In short, all the information that I have just mentioned is written in part also on the official Phen Q website, nevertheless, we were able to analyze the real effects in more detail so that I give you an objective opinion as I have. could do it with

What are the CONCRETE Effects of Phen Q?

– Thermogenic: will CONSIDERABLY increase your calorie expenditure – Appetite suppressant: will reduce your desire to eat, snack. – Mobilization and oxidation of fats: Important aspect to optimize the use of fats- Stimulant: It will clearly BOOST your physical performance and keep you in an alert state. – Regulation of your blood sugar: With a stable sugar level, you can burn fat for longer and possibly avoid the storage of fat – Limits and avoids the storage of fat – Limits the absorption of fat: Which induces a tendency to lose of weight, but can be counterproductive if you eat the right fats to help you lose weight.

Does PhenQ work? Here are the Effects of it

Quite impressive as effects. However, nothing concrete concerning the diuretic effect that a draining ingredient would have had to eliminate water retention, nor for a small detox, purifying effect which could have been nice.

Read the article on the 7 desired effects in an efficient burner.

What are its side effects of PhenQ?

What are the PhenQ side effects? Dangers?

From the tests performed, there are no particular side effects associated with this supplement. The product also does not present any side effects or discomfort not common to fat burning capsules. However, this substance is still recent.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people under the age of 18 who are still in the growth phase should obviously not take Phen Q.

If you are undergoing medical treatment or have any health problems. Ask your doctor for advice on PhenQ.

Dosage of PhenQ:

PhenQ dietary supplement dosage

It is sold as a fat-burning tablet in a bottle of 60 pills.

According to the manufacturer of the food supplement, you need at least 2 tablets per day to have a satisfactory result.

Like most fat burners it is before breakfast and before breakfast. It is recommended not to take it after 4 p.m. and well spaced your catches of 3 p.m. because of the strong stimulating effect which could affect your sleep.

PhenQ or Phen375: Which to choose?

Phen375 is renowned for its effectiveness across the world, and so far, it has not yet lost its profile among the weight loss products on the market.

It is true that the two products have ingredients in common, including cayenne pepper, chromium picolinate, caffeine, L-Carnitine…

On paper, the arguments are clearly in favor of Phen Q which amazes us! Looking into a little more detail, I can't deny that Phentermine Q still has a few more arguments again. Slightly more Caffeine (always in the correct dosage: 150mg per capsule), but a little less Capsicum (8mg per capsule).

Even though I omit any effect of α-LACYS RESET, PhenQ is a bit better than Phen375 it would seem. In fact, I updated my article on Top Fat Burning Supplements.

Phentermine Q Fat Burner is brand new to the market, let it prove its worth, last in the market, and eventually improve their formulas (detailing more of the makeup).

I would rather recommend you PHEN 375, the results of which are globally recognized and wait for the PhenQ testimonials.

See the article specially dedicated to the fat burner product: Phen375.

>> Order PhenQ (official site)

Where to buy PhenQ?

You can simply buy it from the official website of the manufacturer. Payments are made by visa or MasterCard in a secure, hassle-free manner. Delivery is between 24 to 48 hours following the confirmation of your order.

As of this writing, you can find 3 sales formulas to buy PhenQ:

– 1 bottle of 60 pills (for 1 month of treatment) at 66 Euros
– 2 bottles of 60 pills + a third free bottle for 130 Euros. (3 month course)
– 3 bottles of 60 pills + 2 free bottles + 1 detox gift (finally!) At 180 Euros (5 month cure)
Personally, if you plan to invest the intermediary offer is the most interesting. The last is better if you find a colleague of diet because, a course of 5 months is TOO long!

Buy Phen Q in pharmacies?

You will not find it in pharmacies or in food supplement stores. Moreover, pharmacy fat burners are often too expensive or under dosed.

Its guarantees:

PhenQ guaranteed 60 days

The site offers you a guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchases you can be reimbursed within 60 days of your order.

Your refund is 100% and you will not be charged any fees, provided you return unused tablets to them in their original packages, 67 days after your order has been confirmed.

I invite you to check out the term on the official website for fat burning tablets.

My Opinion on PhenQ:

PhenQ review and analysis. Should you buy it?

Should you buy PhenQ or not?

– First of all, it should be noted that this fat-burning food supplement has the 5 highly sought after effects in a quality supplement.
His CV is quite impressive, you can note that he has no really concrete ingredients that help fight against water retention or to detoxify your body, but hey… that does not detract from its great quality.
– You can notice that (almost) every ingredient is a dietary supplement that also sells itself.
It is aimed at men and women, menopausal or not, as well as sports people, so no worries.
I have not found any scientific research on the miracles of α-LACYS RESET (if you find I am a taker).
– I find its price a little too high. But hey… let's say that the quality has its price.
Phen 375 or PhenQ? Let's say that Phentermine Q is slightly better. But in my opinion, let it prove itself in my opinion for a few more years. However if you have already tested Phen 375, test the new one and leave your opinion on PhenQ in the comments please.

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