Capsiplex Weight Loss Pills Stars

Since its introduction in January 2010, Capsiplex has already sold over a million bottles. Incredible for a product to lose weight so young!

But this is not surprising for two reasons. First of all, it is a product with real clinical studies which prove its effectiveness.

Then, several stars confessed to having taken Capsiplex to lose weight. Indeed, Brad Pitt says he lost weight for his role in "The Curious Benjamin Button" with the help of Capsiplex. Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez have also said they take this weight loss supplement.

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Capsiplex what is it?

More than 7 clinical studies over the past 15 years have demonstrated the abilities of Capsicum, contained in chili pepper and the main ingredient of the Capsiplex weight loss supplement, to increase metabolism and therefore burn fat and to decrease appetite.

Capsiplex reduces your calorie intake by 278 calories per day.

What is 278 calories for?

– 80 minutes walk – 25 minutes jog – 1 hamburger – 1 slice of cheese pizza – 2 chocolate chip cookies

Consuming 278 more calories per day results in a weight gain of 11 pounds per year!

But that's not all…

Capsicum not only reduces the number of calories per day, but also lowers bad cholesterol, stabilizes blood pressure and decreases appetite.

The power of chili pepper, the main ingredient in Capsiplex, has been known to scientists for over 30 years, but before Capsiplex nobody knew how to put so much Capsicum in a capsule for it to be effective for weight loss.

Because you see, it takes astronomical amounts of Capsicum for it to make you lose weight and no human can spend their day eating chili peppers. First, it's very hot and it burns the tongue, but then the chili also causes heartburn.

But Capsiplex has found the solution to this problem with a special way of wrapping the capsule and the chili powder so that it does not irritate the stomach and is not unpleasant.

Learn more about How Capsiplex Works

You will be able to lose weight without making any effort, quickly and without danger. Indeed, with the digestive problem that is eliminated with Capsiplex, eating chili peppers has never been dangerous for anyone! It is different with other diet pills which are much more harmful.

Of course, the effects of Capsiplex on weight loss will be much faster if you eat a good diet and exercise a little. But Capsiplex should work on its own to make you lose weight because chili peppers burn calories without you having to do anything.

Capsiplex contains only natural and safe ingredients: Capsicum, Caffeine and Niacin. Using Capsicum in such a potent and pure, yet very convenient and stomach-friendly way is truly revolutionary and that's why the stars have flocked to Capsiplex.

If Capsiplex is good enough for Brad Pitt, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, it should be good enough for us too, right?

Brad Pitt took Capsiplex before the filming of "The Curious Benjamin Button".

Britney Spears got a lean body on her last world tour thanks to Capsiplex.

Jennifer Lopez used Capsiplex to lose her pregnancy weight after having her twins.

If it were only for these three living and well-known testimonials, that would already be enough to say that yes Capsiplex is recommended. But there are also the 7 clinical studies which prove that Capsiplex and chili pepper are really effective for weight loss. Moreover, Capsiplex contains only natural ingredients and it is without side effects.

Capsiplex has our approval.

Capsiplex is not available in pharmacies at the moment except in UK and US. On the other hand, the existence of the Capsiplex France site gives the clue that Capsiplex will soon arrive in France.

In the meantime, you can order Capsiplex from their website. The price is in sterling unfortunately, but the conversion is easy with this site. Depending on the exchange rate, a bottle or a month costs less than 35 euros.

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