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Passionate bodybuilding friends and unconditional gym enthusiasts, today I present Capsiplex Sport, an anabolic product that would help you train hard in order to go further in performance and obtain powerful and harmonious muscles. It is an anabolic pill made from a powerful chili pepper commonly called '' chili '' to stimulate physical power but also mental strength. It is a pre-workout product obtained using a unique formula which, according to its manufacturer, would have the property of improving the metabolism and energy levels during physical exercises without worry.

Capsiplex Sport: the promises

Capsiplex Sport is a pre-workout supplement intended for both experienced athletes and occasional athletes. With just one pill, 30 minutes before each workout, this product promises to "get full" so you can exercise without fatigue. This is because the potent formula of Capsiplex Sport, made with chili peppers, triggers a strong thermogenic reaction helping you build lean muscle mass without side effects or discomfort. In short, here is what the manufacturer of this pill promises you:

– Burn up to 278 extra calories per day, which is an energy boost to help build and tone the muscles in your body, with good recovery afterwards; – Increase endurance and strength with a studied formula; – Natural ingredients in a single capsule;A food safe causing the capsicum extract to be locked securely in the middle of a small bead so that it is not released until it has traveled past the delicate stomach. This is possible thanks to the Capsimax bead.

The manufacturer of Capsiplex Sport

The anabolic Capsiplex Sport comes directly to us from the American laboratory Bauer Group. It is a large company that has been in the elite of the dietary supplement industry for many years. This laboratory specializes in the design and distribution of a wide range of beauty, wellness, weight loss and food supplements for athletes.

In addition to the quality of its products, all of which have been certified by the FDA (which is the American agency responsible for regulating food and pharmaceutical products in the USA), the Bauer group provides an adequate advisory service for better support for its customers. Indeed, a whole team of health nutrition specialists and other fitness experts is mobilized to offer follow-up advice to each consumer. Better still, the house offers an appropriate security formula for all its products, followed by a generous guarantee of up to 60 days in order to gain the confidence of its customers.

The ingredients of Capsiplex Sport

In a Capsiplex Sport capsule we find the following ingredients:


Main ingredient, it is extracted from a powerful red pepper called '' chili '' or cayenne pepper. This substance is said to have the ability to cause increased energy, oxidation of body fat and elevation of metabolism. Studies have shown that this substance has the power to increase adrenaline by acting on the TRPV1 receptors. This increase in adrenaline promotes that of metabolism. This is the conclusion of a laboratory experiment carried out on rats in which an increase in endurance and an increase in muscle tissue was observed.Likewise, following supplementation of standard dosages in humans, we have could observe a significant evolution of fat oxidation. (Source)


It is one of the most important amino acids for the body. This substance is a beneficial supplement for athletes because it provides oxygen to the muscles during training, which promotes energy, endurance and rapid recovery after efforts.

Active component of black pepper, piperine stimulates the metabolism while enhancing the effects of other ingredients and stimulants absorbed by the body. Piperine works by inhibiting urinary excretion by preventing the process of glucuronidation in the liver. Thanks to this action, the body takes better advantage of the other ingredients of the capsiplex sports pill.

This component is one of the important ingredients of Capsiplex Sport. Numerous studies on its properties have made it possible to establish its virtues which can be beneficial to lovers of muscle strength and gym. Experiments such as the Wingate test prove that caffeine is a stimulant with which it is possible to improve endurance and muscle power. It has the power to also boost the mind to cope with stress. Better, it also promotes weight loss. Caffeine is present in low dose in capsilex sport, since in high levels it would not have an impact on performance improvement. (Source)

This vitamin also plays a significant role in the composition of the Capsiplex Sport anabolic pill. It has positive effects on muscle metabolism, which is good for endurance and muscle energy.

The cost and dosage of Capsiplex Sport

– The bottle of Capsiplex Sport is available at a price of 54.99 euros. – The purchase of two bottles is 109.98 euros and gives the benefit of an additional bottle. – The pack of 3 bottles costs 164.97 euros offering 3 free bottles in addition to a pack of tea for muscle recovery.

The dosage is simple. You just need to take one capsule per day with water, half an hour before training. There is no reason to take energy drinks or other supplements after taking Capsiplex Sport.

Although the Capsiplex Sport formula is studied so as not to interfere with thyroid treatments, diabetes or the use of the contraceptive pill, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from your doctor before deciding to. take.

Important: Capsiplex Sport is contained in a capsule made from animal gelatin. This product is therefore not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Opinions of those who have tested Capsiplex Sport

In view of the testimonials collected on the web, concerning the Capsiplex Sport pill, “Energy, fat loss, potency and efficiency” are the feedback most used by users of the product to show their satisfaction. It seems that the effects promised by the manufacturer are confirmed according to this feedback and that the thermogenesis process thought through the consumption of capsaicin (contained in Capsiplex Sport) really works.

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